Orange Cohort Begins First Day of In-Person Instruction

Welcome Orange Cohort!

Since the pandemic began, we have longed to see our students in our classrooms. April 1st marked the first day of in-person instruction. Teachers and school staff worked hard to make this moment special for our students. First days of school can bring out the jitters in students and even seasoned educators. The unknown mixed with excitement and a sprinkle of possibilities. April 1st, had the recipe of a first day of school with an additional ingredient of comfort. While some students arrived with first day jitters, when they saw their teachers it was an automatic sense of relaxation because they have known their teachers and classmates all year. Many classrooms jumped into an ease and flow unlike other first days. The students and their teachers had built a relationship up to this point online that the transition into in-person was like putting on a cozy sweater. 

Smiling faces could be seen underneath face masks from students and staff. The sound of happy children echoing the halls brings a school to life. This is what we dreamed about and what we are dedicated to. 

The cohort system is a gift in that we get to celebrate another group of students. We can't wait to see our Blue Cohort Students on-campus next week!