Our Mission​​ Statement:​

​The mission of the Jurupa Unified School District and Troth Street School is to create for our students a dynamic learning environment that is safe, healthy, and based on mutual respect, cooperation, and support amongstudents, staff, parents, and the broader community.

Staff and parents serve as educators and positive role models for all students by helping them develop a sense of responsibility, character, creativity and the skills to become successful, productive citizens of our democracy.


  • Troth Street School will develop an environment that is physically and emotionally safe and that promotes positive character traits.
  • Troth Street will have parents and community actively participate in positive school and/or learning experiences.
  • Troth Street School will help all students experience measurable success in any program.
  • Troth Street School will increase the number of students eligible for college and other powerful post-secondary options.
  • Troth Street School will increase the quality of interaction between teachers and students.
  • Troth Street students will learn to live and work in a culturally diverse society where staff is representative of the cultures in the community.​