​A great teacher has many good qualities like respecting students, having a classroom that creates a sense of community, caring, enthusiastic and above all displays a love of learning.  We see all of these qualities and more in Mrs. Antonia Mercado or Toni like we like to call her.  Toni is exceptional in creating a collaborative classroom and including all students in her learning environment.  Mrs. Mercado is flexible and helpful.  Mrs. Mercado is skilled a giving student feedback and helping students reflective on what they are learning.  She is involved in so many areas of our school.  She is a true Champion of Change.  She has been grade level leader, in which she guided the team in the implementation of Early Literacy Strategies and DIBELS.  She has worked with our PTO as President and Co-Advisor.  Toni has also been involved in promoting parent involvement by organizing Parent Showcases with student presentations.  She is our AVID site leader, where she supports our school with site and district meetings.  She has also helped with many of our inclusive practices because she understands that all students have value and can learn.  There is research from John Hattie that shows teachers make a difference on student learning.  Mrs. Mercado has proven to show many of these qualities in her classroom.  She has worked for Jurupa for 16 years.  Toni is a leader no matter which way you look at it.  She is respected and loved among her peers.  We value her professionalism and dedication to Pedley Elementary.  We salute Pedley's Teacher of the Year Toni Mercado!​