Principal's Message

Dear Pacific Aven​ue Academy of Music Community, I just want to welcome you to the 2024-2025 school year​! My ​name is Hilliary Salley​ and I am the ​principal ​​at Pacific Avenue Academy of Music (PAAM)​​​​. Here at PAAM it is our goal to support students in "Learning Without Limits".​ I look forward to working with the PAAM family and community ​to ensure ​maximum student achievement.​ I am very passionate about learning and dedicated to helping all students progress and succeed. As a Music Academy, we continue to be committed to providing high quality instruction based on rigorous standards in the core content areas. In addition, at PAAM all students from preschool through sixth grade participate in music instruction. PAAM also received the prestigious National NAMM 2018 Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music Education.  PAAM was one of only 137 schools across the United States to receive this award. 

Having been apart of the Jurupa Unified School District 20 years, I sincerely care about our students and will work to ensure they have a positive and memorable experience in their time here. ​Having a safe and supportive learning environment are top priorities for myself and PAAM staff.  To accomplish this, we are committed to positive behavior instruction which aims to build our students into the citizens our community can be proud of.​

A strong, visible partnership between school and families is very important to the success of a school. I want to encourage you to participate in our School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee,  and attend Back to School Night.

​We at PAAM believe that we have world leaders at our school and we are honored to be apart of your child's academic journey. Thank you in advance and if you hear music or someone singing in the might be me!

Mrs. Hilliary Salley​


At PAAM We Are A-Sharp!