​​​In 1886, Pleasant Valley School was constructed in an area located off of Highway 60 near Etiwanda Avenue.  Pleasant Valley School, later named Pumpkin Patch School, was renamed Union Joint School.  

In 1958, the 8-room Union Joint School was condemned ​and replaced in 1959 by Mission Bell Elementary School, located on Conning St.

The bell from the old Union Joint School was moved to Mission Bell where it still exists today as a historical marker.

In 2019 Mission Bell Elementary School was fortunate enough to be a part of a modernization project where a beautiful new administration building, library, cafeteria, renovated classrooms and staff collaboration space took place.

Today, the staff of Mission Bell Elementary School, together with the community, continues to aim to provide an academically rigorous education for our students, while creating a climate that reinforces our awareness and appreciation of their heritage, their culture and their individual self-worth.

As a community school and state preschool hub we do our best to offer every child a safe and equitable education experience where the needs of the community are a pirority. Our instruction begins at 7:50 and concludes at 2:10 on most traditional school days. We offer breakfast at no charge thirty minutes before school begins, at 7:20. We welcome you and are glad to have you.

Mission Bell knows no limits to the acade​​mic success of each child.​​