Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).png

​LCAP is..
  • A comprehensive planning tool to support and enhance local student learning.
  • A 3 year plan that is revised each year, based on local student needs.
  • Approved and overseen by the County Office of Education.

For Jurupa community, the benefits include:

  • Focused funding to improve services for all students.
  • Broader measurements of school success, including an emphasis on positive learning environments.
  • More local control over budget and programs.

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High-Quality Instruction and Curriculum

  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards
  • Setting groundwork for the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Ensuring robust arts, enrichment and Career Technical Education Opportunities

Professional Learning

  • K-12 instructional coaches model academic lessons and classroom leadership dristrict-wide
  • Special assignment: JUSD teachers who double as tech experts and coaches support peers at every school with curriculum and technology integration
  • JUSD models a culture of continuous learning for everyone

Assessment, Data Analysis, and Monitoring

  • ​Ensuring alignment between Common Core standards and student assessment
  • Providing the technology for 21st century learning, modern skill development and career readiness

Safe and Orderly School Environment

  • ​Upgrading security and modernizing facilities with school bond proceeds
  • ​Annually updating safe school plans in case of emergency
  • Teaching behavioral responses to help students address problems constructively

Academic and Behavior Interventions

  • ​Intensive instruction to help all students read at grade level
  • ​Award-winning comprehensive supports for students struggling the most
  • ​Modern learning platforms such as online high school
  • A focus on success for all students, from the most at-risk to the most advanced

Parent, Student, and Community Engagement

  • Connecting parents and students to community and school resources such as health care and ESL classes
  • Helping parents become more involved decision makers in their children's education

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