PBIS Site Coordinator:        Yesenia Montes


Following Instructions  - Monday August 20
1.             Look at the person.
2.             Say “Okay”.
3.             Do what you have been asked to do right away.
4.             Check back.
                                                       Completing Homework - Monday Sept. 10
1.             Remember to bring home books or materials in order to complete your assignment.
2.             Get started quickly or at a ser time.
3.             Complete and assignments accurately and neatly.
4.              Carefully store completed homework until the next school day.

Staying on Task Monday September 24
  1.               Look at your task or assignment.
  2.               Think of the steps needed to complete task.
  3.               Focus all of your attention on the task.
  4.               Stop working only when instructed.
  5.               Ignore distractions and interuptions.

                                                           Participating in Activities  Monday October 8

1.                Appropriately request to be part of an activity.
2.                Cooperate with others in the group, such as allowing otjers to take their turns.
3.                Use a pleasant voice when talking to others.
4.                Remember to accept losing or winning appropriately.