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J​VHS is now offering a blended learning program serving grades 9-12!

RCA offers small classes with face-to-face interaction with staff members daily. It provides a motivating and nurturing learning environment to prepare students for graduation and their successful futures. This innovative approach to learning blends independent study with online curriculum and face-to-face class time. Students have 24-hour, 7-day a week, access to highly qualified staff.

Students are enrolled in 2 classes every 6 weeks and work at their own pace within the 6 week period. Upon completion, new classes are provided.

RCA schedule:
Period 1: 7:30am-9:00am
Advisory: 9:00am-9:20am
Period 2: 9:20am-10:50am

RCA's shorten day allows students the flexibility to work or complete service-hours after the scheduled 'on-campus' hours. This flexibility also provides an opportunity for students to complete coursework at an accelerated rate. Motivated students may graduate earlier than in a traditional general education environment.​