Principal's Message

​​​Dear Camino Families,

I would like to welcome everyone to this unique  school year!  I know the last few months have been challenging, brought uncertainty into our lives, and many of us are struggling as we navigate through this new normal.  However, with new challenges, we find new strengths and we're afforded the opportunity to grow, question, stumble, strive, fail, exceed, and prevail – we have been presented a chance to develop resiliency, help others, find and give grace, and hopefully reset our lives and rediscover what's really important – something we may not have reflected on otherwise. 

As we open Camino via Distance Learning (DL), we know that we will experience challenges, but our teachers have gone above and beyond to plan quality educational experiences for each and every student, and we are looking forward to a great year filled with wonderful opportunities.  Our tenacious teachers are eagerly waiting to start synchronous time with their students via PowerSchool Learning, our JUSD digital platform, and our classified staff is here to help!  

As we continue our goal of creating an educational environment that challenges our students through supportive measures, while teaching kindness, respect, and perseverance - I am excited to see our Cubs grow and develop a growth mindset.   

The foundation of a successful school is the partnership between the students, staff, parents, and community.  Parents are a vital part of their child's education, and your contributions are crucial.  You can help your child during DL by designating a quiet space for them to work.  I also encourage parents to attend Back-to-School Night and parent-teacher conferences, and participate in PTA, GATE, Booster, School Site Council, and/or ELAC.

Our goal at Camino Real is to continue to focus on increasing student achievement.  We are better able to meet our goals of increasing student achievement by creating a positive working relationship between school and home.  I want to thank our parents in advance for their time and support and time.  By working together, we will be able to provide our students a wonderful educational experience and a great start to their future success.

While instruction will be done remotely, it is still very important that each student log onto their Chromebook as attendance will be taken and they will receive daily instruction from their teacher.

As a team, we empower each child to unlock their potential to achieve in school, career, and life - we call this Learning Without Limits.  Students cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving skills, develop resiliency, and are challenged to think creatively - essential qualities for personal development, academic growth, and an individual's sense of achievement.  Even though our approach is grounded in research and science, this would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our compassionate team of educators and staff.  

Despite the effects of the pandemic, we will aim for all students to master grade level standards and be continually challenged academically.  To ensure this sustained academic success, our teaching and support staff employ research-based instructional strategies in a safe, enriching environment.  We will utilize the technology available to us to accomplish these goals in a virtual setting when necessary.  

Although the start of this year is different than anything we've ever experienced, our Camino staff is dedicated to providing the best possible education.

Let's work together so this can be your child's most successful year yet!

To my Cubs…I miss your faces and can't wait to see each and everyone of you soon.  Please, stay happy, healthy, and safe.


Warmest Regards,


Erika Pham, Principal