Student Council 2017-2018

This year Stone Avenue has brought back Student Council for grades 4-6! In each classroom, two students will be chosen to represent their classroom. At the 6th grade level, a President, Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary will be chosen in order for students to have a voice. 

Say Hello to your Class Representatives!

​Ms. Fierro
Lucy Resoort School President
​Miss A
Alex Barreto School Vice President
​Ms. Fierro
Jessica Rentfro School Treasuerer
​Miss A
Karizma Ontiveros School Secretary
Miss A
Sarahi Vasquez Class Rep
​Ms. Quintero
Giselle Sanchez Class Rep
​Ms. QuinteroJulia Rodriguez Class Rep
​Mr. Brandon
​Alexander Navas Class Rep
Mr. Brandon
​Jacob Carney Class Rep
​Ms. Ellis
​Zyara Torres Class Rep
​Ms. Ellis
​Valerie Flores Class Rep
Ms. Gonzalez
​Elena Melgar Class Rep
​Ms. Gonzalez
Alejandro Alcantara Class Rep
Mrs. Berkeley
​Malia Felix Class Rep
​Mrs. Berkeley
​Destiny Barrios Class Rep
​Mrs. Butler
​Heidi Hernandez Class Rep
​Mrs. Baltazar
​Damien Lincoln Class Rep
Mrs. Baltazar
​Rylee Hitter Class Rep
Mrs. Pilioglas
​Bailey Goforth Class Rep
Mrs. Pilioglas
Selma Centeno Class Rep
Mrs. Smith
Jazmine Fleming Class Rep
Mrs. Smith
Roberto Gonzalez Class Rep
Ms. Sanchez
Angel Quezada Class Rep
Ms. Sanchez
Yvanna Ramirez Class Rep
Ms. Servin
Samantha Woolweaver Class Rep
Ms. Servin
Yuliana Rodriguez Class Rep
Ms. Servin
Fernando Guiterrez Class Rep