If you still need Insurance

Chromebook Insurance

​The one year manufacture warranty on your child's Chromebook has now expired.  If you choose not to carry third-party insurance, you will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the Chromebook. If you still need coverage there are 2 simple steps:

1.  Call or E-mail School Device Care for authorization code:
Phone: 1(888) 978-3515 or E-mail: support@schooldevicecoverage.com

2.  Enter the code you receive at this website-click on the link:  School Device Coverage


Our insurance option for the coming year will be School Device Coverage. Here’s the link to our website with info additional information:


We’ve made the move to School Device Coverage for a few reasons:  

·        Lower Premium – Only $39 and $0 deductible.

·        Loss is now included. Premium also includes accidental damage, cracked screen, liquid submersion, fire, flood, and theft.

·        Local Repairs. Right There Repair on San Sevaine here in Jurupa Valley. No mailing involved and devices will be repaired in 2-3 business days. Families will have the option of dropping off Chromebooks directly to Right There Repair or Right There Repair will pick up from the district office.

As we begin our 3rd year of the Digital Gateway the time has come to make some necessary changes to the fines, optional protection plans and access to apps/extension. These changes are outlined below.


  1. Increase to Chromebook Fines
    1. Chromebook fines will be increased to $50/repair. Full replacement will remain $336 and power adapters will remain $35.
  2. Chromebook Device Protection Plan available for $39/device.
    1. Instead of 3rd party insurance through School Device Care we will now offer an in-house Chromebook Device Care Plan. This new plan will reduced the administrative burden of our staff, decrease the time for cb repairs, and reduce costs.
    2. The first and second repairs for accidental damage will have a $0 deductible. Any additional repairs made within the current school year will have a $39 deductible. Continuing and excessive damage to a student's issued device, may result in take home privileges being revoked. 
  3. www.mypaymentsplus.com
    1. All payments (fines and device care plan) must be made through www.mypaymentsplus.com. This is an added convenience for our parents and reduces the liability of sites to collect cash and checks. Library staff will receive a daily automated email of payments received.