Great News

​Valerie Othon is Pedley's Teacher of the Year because she is an inspiration to our students, parents and staff.  Everything she does, she does with a degree of expertise and humbleness.  She is a hard worker and puts all her energy into what she does daily without any desire to be recognized for it.  She simply does it because it's the right thing to do.  She takes her job seriously and educates students by taking great care that each child is challenged.  She values all students and looks to find ways to help them feel successful.  She is a model teacher and looks to find ways for other students in her class to learn from one another by asking questions that make them wonder, like "how did you come up with that answer?" and "what clues did you use?"  She's quick to extend their questions and answers by turning their learning into a conversation.  Mrs. Othon has been teaching for 15 years and always searches for ways to improve her craft.  She also supports our students, staff and parents by being part of our PTO, School Site Council, Student Study Team, Grade Level Leadership, Health and Wellness Committee and district committees.  Doug Lemov, author of Teach Like a Champion once said, "Good teaching is about hard work, not a halo." and Valerie Othon fits the description to a T, she is our champion teacher!