Parking Lot Procedures


Keeping everyone safe is our priority.

1.      Students can begin drop off starting at 7:35 a.m., No earlier as there

is no supervision prior to the bell ringing at 7:35 a.m.

2.      Children must be ready to leave the car as soon as you pull up to the

drop off location by the lunch tables.  Please have students exit from

the passenger side ONLY

3.      Please park in a parking spot if you need extra time or want to get out of your vehicle.

4.      Please drive using caution, slow down, and watch for pedestrians. Be courteous to all drivers.

5.      Crosswalks must be used at all times as directed by staff and crossing guards. An adult should accompany children when using crosswalks if guard is not present.

6.      Please pull forward to the end of the Loading /Exit Zone.

7.      Only vehicles displaying disabled parking stickers, placards or license plates are allowed to park in the disabled parking zone. It is illegal for unauthorized vehicles to be in these spaces at any time.

8.      Only buses are allowed in the Bus Loading/Unloading Zone.

9.      Please do not call your child to cross the street or the parking lot by themselves, you must accompany them when walking across the street or through the parking lot.

10. Do not park your car in the Loading Zone or Red Zones attended or unattended. Please park in a parking spot if you need extra time or if you need to get out of your vehicle.


Please make every effort to have your child ride the bus if they are on a designated bus route.


We appreciate your efforts to help our Parking Lot run smoothly and SAFELY!