Our Model

Students in a typical middle school or high school setting spend 6-7 hours on campus working on 6 classes throughout a 36 week school year. Most instruction comes primarily from a teacher in this model. This is where Rivercrest’s model breaks from the old and looks at a new way of working with curriculum and student needs. We offer students a different way to approach learning that differs from the traditional model and gives them the choice to work independently and with more flexibility.​​

Students at Rivercrest focus on a limited number of courses and meet regularly with their corresponding teachers. Students may work independently 24/7 through our online curriculum providers Odysseyware and Edgenuity. They receive extra support and instruction from their teachers while they are at school. Students also have the option to communicate with their teachers throughout the day. When students complete a course, they receive more courses to focus on. The benefits of this is that Rivercrest offers a blended learning and independent study model that is perfect for any student.


The current course work model is where students work on two courses every six weeks. Every six weeks is a “segment”. There is an advisory period for high school students (M-Thurs.) and enrichment/club activities on Fridays for all students who wish to participate. Other activities also take place on Fridays. See the HS Schedule and MS Schedule for more details. Lessons will be delivered through the online, computer based curriculum with the support of the teacher in daily class sessions. Students will have the opportunity to work on those two courses and only those courses for 6 weeks.  When those courses are complete, they will be awarded their credits and begin working on something new.

Students will have the opportunity to dedicate every hour of their studies to these two courses, instead of trying to divide their time and efforts around 6 classes daily. Students will be required to attend daily hours of face to face instruction with our Rivercrest staff, while working on the lessons whenever and wherever they want because of the online format. Besides the daily face to face support from the teachers, students will work on labs and projects in a variety of subjects to create a truly hands on and new approach to education.  High school students are also able to concurrently enroll in special programs such as ROTC, Sports, Music, and Agriculture at their home school to enable the student to have a well-rounded experience for their high school career.​