Principals Message

Dear Rivercrest Families,


Welcome to the 2018-2019 School year!  I am delighted and honored to be the Principal of Rivercrest Preparatory and anticipate a great year ahead of us as we challenge ourselves to purse academic excellence. 

I am committed to ensure that every student is provided the highest quality of education possible in a safe and supportive learning environment.  Our vision at Rivercrest Preparatory is to provide a learning environment that will prepare students for their future, with innovative and blended approach to learning.  Through the use of enhanced technology and instructional support, students will be asked to exceed their own expectations and create an opportunity to learn and lead in the 21st century.  Our belief is that with consistent and constant access by the individual learner to the curriculum and school supports, the student will be strengthened as a critical thinker, thereby ensuring their success in the future.

We understand that education must embrace not only academic growth, but also personal development and career exploration.  Our staff provides focused care and attention to the unique goals of each student.  Our flexible environment provides support for students and their individual needs as the balance school with life challenges. 

At Rivercrest Preparatory we are committed to provide our students with the best support and resources they need to move FORWARD toward their future with confidence and to the next stage in their lives.