About Tree Ring

In keeping with the school’s support of technological innovation, environmental awareness and online learning, we are pleased to announce that TreeRing will be our yearbook publisher. TreeRing is a technology company based in Silicon Valley, CA that provides an innovative and environmentally-friendly approach to the traditional yearbook industry. As taken from their website:

TreeRing’s goals are to: (1) create personalized yearbooks that commemorate each child’s unique school experience, (2) eliminate the financial cost of yearbooks for schools and (3) invest in our planet’s future by planting a tree for every book we print.

Here is a short video that introduces you to TreeRing:


TreeRing Overview from Aaron Greco on Vimeo.

How to Purchase

Rivercrest Preparatory would like students and parents who are interested in purchasing a yearbook to visit TreeRing’s website at Follow the directions and sign up for TreeRing. When you and are ready to purchase, enter our school’s passcode: 1014129571002939.


Tree Ring has also made available an application to use on your mobile phone or device! You can upload photos from your phone, answer fun questions to add to your memories, or purchase your yearbook. The applications are available for Android and Apple iOS. Visit Google Play or iTunes for more details.

Rivercrest is helping plant trees!

Rivercrest Preparatory is a TreeRing Green Yearbook School for 2016! This is the second year in a row we have been honored with the title. Trees for the Future will plant twenty-six trees in Rivercrest’s name  based on this year’s yearbook sales. Twenty-four trees were planted in our school’s name in 2015. That is a total fifty trees so far!

TreeRing is a company committed to the environment. All yearbook pages are printed on recycled paper and one tree is planted for every yearbook sold. Additionally, TreeRing only prints as many yearbooks as are ordered. There are no extra unsold yearbooks and so less paper is wasted.

Make sure to check back with us for next year’s announcements if you want to be a part of the tree planting project and contribute to TreeRing’s environmental efforts. Let’s see how many trees we can help plant!

How many trees have been planted in total? For more information about Tree Ring and its promise to plant a tree for every yearbook sold, click on the image below.

TreeRing Green Yearbook School 


Want to Order a 2016-2017 yearbook?

Orders are being accepted for the 2016-2017 school year. The yearbook is set to cost only $23.10. Click here and use our school’s pass code to sign up at TreeRing. Our passcode is 1014129571002939.

Estimated Yearbook Shipping Summary (based on 15/16 School Year):

  • If ordered on 4/27 or earlier- free shipping to school site
  • If ordered between 4/28 to 5/18– students/parents must pay shipping to school site
  • If ordered after 5/19– students/parents must pay shipping to home address
  • All yearbook orders placed by 4/27 will arrive at the school no later than 5/25

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