Office 365

Office 365 is where you go to use Microsoft’s online products (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), to save your work in OneDrive to access anywhere with an internet connection, or to download a copy of one of Microsoft’s products to your own device.

Office 365 Access

To access Office 365, click here.

How to Sign Up

For more information with download instructions, click on a PDF below.



To sign up, click on the link above titled “Office 365 Access”.

More tips:


Office 365 Log-In 


Use your Student ID number as your email followed by “”. For example, if my Student ID is “12345” my JUSD email for Office 365 will be “”.

Your current student password will be your password (this is the password that you use to log into your Chromebook). If your password is not working try again or try your Student ID as your password.

Office 365 Home 


Once logged in, you will see all the Microsoft apps that are available. You should have access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and 1 terabyte of OneDrive storage.

Installing to your Computer

  • You may also install office products on an eligible computer. You cannot install a full version of the Microsoft products on your Chromebook, but a Windows or Mac computer is eligible. ​Use Microsoft Online for working on your Chromebook. 
  • Installing the programs will allow you to use Microsoft products without an internet connection.You will also get the full versions of the programs compared to the web-version that is more limited.
  • JUSD students can install the complete programs on up to five computers.
  • Students and parents who want to install the software should see an install button on the Office 365 homescreen. You can also manage installs from the account page which you will find by clicking the top right corner (where you see a place holder for a picture). 

Using Microsoft’s programs through a browser (ex. on Chromebooks)

  •  If you do not want to install software you can still use Microsoft programs online. These are web-based apps and have limited features compared to the full version of the programs. However, they are functional and easy to use if you are collaborating with classmates. You can still do most of what you need to do, such as typing an essay, making a chart, or making a PowerPoint slide.
  • Simply click on “Microsoft Word” or another program you see listed on your home screen to get started. If you get a pop-up window telling you  to set up OneDrive or a business account, click on the link.
  • The web-based versions of the Microsoft programs have a similar look and organization as the full programs you see installed on a computer. Click on “New Blank Document/Presentation/Workbook”  to begin. You can click on “File” on the top-left bar if you want to share or print a document. The document saves automatically but there are other saving options.
  • You will also have OneDrive set up to upload documents and files through the web. This is Microsoft’s cloud storage and file hosting service that allows users to sync files and later access them from a web browser or mobile device. Think of it like a digital locker or holding place for all of your stuff.
  • Any files you create while using a Microsoft program online will save automatically. You can access them again by logging in and opening the program you used to create the document. Check the “Recent” section on the left hand side of the program you used and see if you can find your file.You can also find your files in OneDrive and access them from there.
  • When re-opening a file using Microsoft Online that you want to edit, you need to click on “Edit…” on the top-right hand side. It is next to “Print”. It will ask you if you want to edit using the Microsoft program installed on your computer or the web-based version.
  • Files created with a web-based program can also be used in an installed version of the program. Files created on your computer and opened using a web-based version will open but may have some formatting issues if you used more advanced features.
  • Upload a file to OneDrive if you wish to open it using a Microsoft web-based program.