Learning Tools

Cornell Notes

Taking good notes is sometimes mandatory in your classes but always a great idea for preparing for exams. There are different strategies for taking good notes.

At Rivercrest we encourage all students to take Cornell notes if it works for them. This style of notes helps with comprehension, is efficient and can be used to develop high thinking skills. A piece of paper is divided into three sections with specific purposes. If done correctly, you only have to take notes once.

Click on this link for more information on how to take Cornell Notes.

Evaluating Resources

Teachers may sometimes ask you to do research for a project, assignment or activity. You will also need to learn how to evaluate sources for your daily life and life after high school.

Here are some links that will help you identify if a source you find is credible and useful.

For all students

For middle school students

For high school students

Citing Sources

Citing sources you use to write or do research is an important skill you will need in high school and college.

How do I know if I need to cite something?

Keep the following guidelines in mind. You should cite a source if:

  • You use a quotation
  • You paraphrase (express using different words) the text
  • You summarize the text
  • You use facts or information that is not common knowledge
  • You say something you did not already know or you found somewhere

Visit EasyBib for an easy to use tool that helps you make citations in the proper format. Your teacher will usually require MLA format but ask for directions.

Remember, the main thing to practice is recognizing when you need to cite. Giving credit is important when it is not your original idea or words. You can always look up how to properly format. For more information about formatting citations and essay writing, visit here.