Rivercrest Preparatory Online School works closely with students and parents, high school advisors, and Career Centers in the Jurupa Unified School District towards ensuring educational goals are met to graduate.  We also prepare students to be eligible to apply at colleges and universities that will further their opportunities in the global world of higher education.  Informational opportunities such as Financial Aid workshops, college planning, SAT prep, scholarships and other website sources are available through our school's Guidance Coordinator.​​

To speak to Mrs. Cara Chavez, Rivercrest's Guidance Coordinator, students may drop by the computer lab/café​ or make an appointment with the secretary in the front office. The guidance office is located in the computer lab/café. Her email can also be found here. ​

Visit our financial aid, work experience, A-G requirements, or high school course planning​ pages for quick information about those topics.

Click here to see information about recent changes to the FAFSA application. 

JVHS Career Center

​​Students and parents can also visit the JVHS Career Center website​ to find online resources and information that is applicable to any high school student seeking information about careers, college, or financial aid. The center located in the A Building near the JVHS library is an especially great resource for concurrently enrolled students that also attend JVHS. 

College Planning Resources

How To Get To College

The How to Get To College website sponsored by the Cal State University system offers students and parents information on what to expect in college, how to pay for college, course planning beginning in middle school and answers to the most commonly asked questions. Click on HTGTC-Handout-bilingual.pdf for a bilibgual brochure showing you the road to college.

Career Exploration

​Not sure what career is right for you? These websites can help you explore.

CSU/UC Comparison

California State University schools and University of California schools have different eligibility requirements for Freshman students. Below is a PDF of how the the “A-G” requirements compare between both school systems.​


Important Deadlines

​​Riverside Community College (RCC)

New Student Deadlines and Important Dates

Click here for information about application deadlines.

Click here for information about the steps needed to successfully enroll.

Concurrent high school student enrollment

Click here for information about concurrent high school student enrollment.

Cal State University (CSU)

Click here to got to their website’s deadline page.

University of California (UC)

Click here to go to their website’s deadline page.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA)

Click here to get information about deadlines.


Click here to get information about deadlines.​

UC Approved Courses

​​Parents and students who want to learn more about the University of California (UC)  “A-G” requirements can visit the official “A-G” website.

The “A-G” course requirements are required courses for freshmen entering California’s public state universities. These courses are college preparatory courses that are to be taken during high school and have been approved by the UC system. Approval is granted when courses meet high quality standards and are deemed academically challenging. California schools, including schools that offer online courses, who wish to use courses to satisfy requirements must have them listed in the UC website and show approval.

Rivercrest Preparatory offers many “A-G” courses for students looking for college preparatory coursework that satisfies state university requirements. Students who take an approved  “A-G” course can be assured that the course will count towards these “A-G” requirements. Students may also speak with the Guidance Coordinator if they have any questions or need further information on what options are available to them to satisfy all “A-G” course requirements while enrolled at Rivercrest Preparatory.

The official University of California “A-G” Course List for Rivercrest Preparatory can be found here. There is also the option to search courses for previous years.

Click here​ to see all the A-G course requirements for freshmen entering both California State University and University of California schools.

Web Resources​

California Colleges

This website provides resources for college and career planning in California.

CSU Mentor

This website provides information on how to plan and how to apply to the California State University

University of California

This website provides information on how to plan and how to apply to the University of California.

College of DuPage Online

The College of DuPage Online (COD Online) program offers more than 240 courses in 44 disciplines. A number of certificates and associate degrees can be earned entirely online.​​

Columbia College Online            ​

The Online Campus at Columbia College offers more than 800 accredited online classes and 23 accredited online degree programs. Whether you’re interested in biology, law, psychology, mathematics, English or a host of other available programs, your academic options are endless at Columbia College.


This website takes you to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which was founded more than one hundred years ago as a way to protect student-athletes, the NCAA continues to implement that principle with increased emphasis on both athletics and academic excellence.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Formerly known as NCAA Clearinghouse, this website is for potential student-athletes who are planning to participate in NCAA collegiate sports after high school.  Athletes that are looking to participate in NCAA Division I and Division II athletics need to register.

Selective Service

This website takes you to the Selective Service System.  By law all men are currently required to register with Selective Service during ages 18 thru 25.

The Princeton Review

This website takes you to The Princeton Review which helps you prepare for college entrance tests such as the SAT and ACT.  It also gives information on college rankings and other statistical information such as admissions selectivity, financial aid, safety, quality of life, total enrollment and test scores among other things.


This takes you to the CollegeBoard website which gives you information about the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and where you can register for the test and more.

If you are planning to take the SAT, check out this new resource from Khan Academy for free SAT practice exams.


This takes you to the American College Test (ACT) where you can register for the test, upload your photo, send your scores, and more.


Thinking about joining the military? Well, you probably have hundreds of questions. This website will help you with questions about the ASVAB, service choices, eligibility requirements, military jobs, pay and benefits, and contacting a recruiter.

Important Notice about College Admissions Assistance LLC

It has come to the attention of Rivercrest staff that students in the district have been receiving letters from a company called College Admissions Assistance LLC. The company is promoting educational services and provides college planning help for students and families. The letters inform parents of a free scheduled presentation and includes a reservation number to help make an appointment in April. The letter also suggests that additional services will be available for students who need additional assistance after the presentation. The website listed on the letter is ​

We want to inform parents and students that the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit organization that reviews businesses and serves as an intermediary between businesses and consumers. Additionally, our Guidance Coordinator has been notified of many complaints against the company regarding issues with their sales practices, billing, and services. To read more about these complaints and to see the company’s profile on the Better Business Bureau’s website, click here.

As always, we urge parents and students to be cautious and inform themselves before paying for any services. Contact our Guidance Coordinator for any questions about this notice, college planning or assistance with financial aid.