Is Rivercrest Preparatory a charter school?

No. Rivercrest Preparatory is a public school that is also a blended learning school. Blended learning means we combine both online and face-to-face instruction. We are a public school with an alternative learning model. We belong to the Jurupa Unified School District. 

How much does it cost to attend Rivercrest Preparatory?

Since Rivercrest Preparatory is an Online Academy, it receives the same funding as traditional schools. There is no fee to students. We are a public school and part of the Jurupa Unified School District.

Is there a school site with teachers and classrooms, or is Rivercrest a virtual school?

Rivercrest Preparatory has a physical school campus with teachers and classrooms. Although much of the coursework is completed using one of our online programs, students still meet with their teachers in the classroom for activities, projects, labs or to complete coursework that is not online. We are not a completely virtual school but please come in to speak to our Guidance Counselor for more flexible Independent Study options. 

What school grades are taught?

Rivercrest enrolls grades 7-12. Rivercrest Preparatory has been a high school enrolling students in grades 9-12 since 2013. Starting in Fall 2015 we added a middle school program that enrolls students in grades 7-8.

Is Rivercrest accredited?

Rivercrest received accreditation for grades 9-12 in 2014 by The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC). In Spring 2017 Rivercrest earned an additional six-year WASC accreditation. Students who graduate receive a traditional high school diploma. Online A-G courses have been approved by the University of California and meet college entrance requirements. 



What are some reasons students attend Rivercrest?

Rivercrest students are all a little different. That is part of the school culture; no one reason will apply to all students. The instructional model of Rivercrest and its blended learning approach may interest students who:

  • want to finish courses at an accelerated pace
  • are shy or have anxiety
  • want to engage in technology
  • want a solution to scheduling conflicts
  • have many extracurricular activities (arts, athletics, etc.),
  • want to take subjects not offered at their school
  • want to recover failed credit
  • learn differently from others
  • have been home schooled
  • want an experience that will prepare them for college
  • want to try a new approach of learning

Whatever the reason or problem, Rivercrest is here to offer you a choice.

If my student goes to this school will they be able to get into college?

Yes, Rivercrest Preparatory offers all the A-G required courses to meet not only graduation requirements for a JUSD diploma but also entrance requirements to the UC and CSU university systems.

Do courses taken at Rivercrest count for credit?

Course schedules are based on the student’s interest and graduation requirements. Courses are completed for credit. Official school transcripts list the 5 credits that are awarded for each semester long course.

Have any students graduated from Rivercrest?

Yes. For example, in 2015 Rivercrest Preparatory’s first graduating class received their diplomas and were eligible to participate in their own graduation ceremony.

What if I get stuck or need to talk to a teacher?

Students have access to teachers and support staff through phone, email, and instant messaging. There are highly qualified teachers in every class. A virtual conferencing program is also available for those students who need additional assistance.

What is online learning?

Online learning refers to courses and programs offered via the Internet. The main difference between online and traditional courses is the delivery format–not the content. Online courses go through the same rigorous curriculum process established by institutions, and they are taught by experienced, qualified instructors. Here are a few highlights of online learning:

  • Online learning offers flexibility and convenience for learners. You may access the course from a computer with an Internet connection 24 hours a day, seven days a week from home, a school facility, or public library.
  • There are weekly deadlines and assignments. In the case of Rivercrest Preparatory, there are daily hours required where students work face-to-face in a classroom. The majority of lectures, course assignments, quizzes, and discussions all take place online at your convenience.
  • Except for taking the quizzes, labs and turning in the assignments when they are due, your schedule is up to you. You must commit to certain time blocks to do your work.

Is online learning right for me?

People learn in different ways and at different rates. Some students enjoy listening to lectures; others enjoy working in small groups. Students who are visual learners tend to do best in online courses. Online learning offers flexibility and individualized instruction. However, it may not be the right mode of learning for you.

Online learning is ideal for:

  • Students who are self-motivated.
  • Students who are self-directed learners.
  • Students who are good readers.
  • Students who do not procrastinate.
  • Students who prefer an individualized mode of learning.
  • Students who do not need the stimulation of a traditional class.
  • Students who are excited about and fairly comfortable with technology

Can my student take extra courses?

Yes, high school students may take extra courses in the traditional high school of origin as a concurrent enrolled student. Students who meet the requirements may also be concurrently enrolled in a community college. At this time, middle school students cannot take extra courses at their home middle schools.

Can students participate in extracurricular events at their home school?

Yes, high school students who meet the requirements will be allowed to participate in school based sports (CIF), visual and performing arts, ROTC, FFA, etc. at the home high school where they would have attended.

Will high school students be allowed to take ROP courses?

Yes, ROP offers work related courses for students who meet the appropriate age requirements.​