sumé​ is a brief summary of personal, educational and experiential charactistics that qualify a person for a job. You will want to have a sumé written before you start applying for jobs as many employers will ask for it. Below are some tips to help you get started in your job search. Visit us in the Career Center for further assistance.

​Résumé​ Tips
  • Keep your sumé​ on one page
  • Use succinct words and phrases
  • Maintain a professional look of your sumé​
  • Write with confidence about your accomplishments
Things to Include on Your sumé​ 
  1. Write your contact information - name, number, email
  2. Reveal your objective - a short statement of your immediate goal with the business​ you are applying for
  3. List the skills you've used to accomplish tasks - think of specific skills that would be useful for the job you are applying for
  4. List your experiences - other jobs you've had, volunteer opportunities and other experiences that helped develop skills (i.e. babysitting, tutoring)
  5. Detail your education - list your school, academic achievements or awards, your GPA if it is above a 3.5 and you are still in high school and any other accomplishments that relate to the job or objective you are applying for
Find résumé​ templates in Microsoft Word
Interview Tips
  1. Prepare for the interview by researching the company, knowing your skill sets and abilities and rehearsing interview question and answers.
  2. Think through your past accomplishments, challenges, leadership experiences and team work opportunities as many interviewers will ask situational questions (i.e. "Describe a recent situation where you dealt with an upset customer or coworker.")
  3. Dress up for the interview as this is their first impression of you. Look sharp!
  4. Bring extra copies of your su​. Double check your sumé​​ for spelling errors or inaccurate information before printing.
  5. Brainstorm questions to ask the interviewer about the business or job you are applying for.
  6. Don't be late! It is best to arrive 10-15 minutes early to compose and prepare yourself.
  7. Follow up the interview with a thank you email or letter
  8. Turn off your cell phone!

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