fafsa.PNG​​​​FAFSA stands for Free Application for Fedral Student Aid. To receive financial aid from the federal and state government, you must fill out this application. It is free, no strings attached, and you are protected from the IRS. Federal Student Aid determines your financial aid disbursement based on your family's yearly income verified on the Tax Return.​ If you are awarded a grant, you receive money for school that you do not have to pay back.
Every student's situation is unique. Come to the Career Center for help completing the FAFSA!​ $$​
Info needed for the application:​
Social Security Number
Parent's Tax Return from the previous year
Birthdays of student and parents
Date of parent's marriage/divorce

FSA ID:​​​
Both student and parent must create an FSA ID in order
to log in and sign the FAFSA
Write down your FSA ID in a secure place just in case you
forget it.

Not a Citizen??
If you are not a U.S. citizen, you can still apply for financial aid through the Dream Act. Click below for more information and to fill out the application:

FAFSA & more information:

Filing Period:
For California public colleges/universities the open period is
October 1 - March 2 
Check FAFSA filing periods for all other colleges on their school websites

Helpful Tips:
Fill out the FAFSA even if you think your income 
is too high. The student may qualify for scholarships,
work-study or low interest student loans.

All males completing the FAFSA should check the box to
enroll in Selective Service (if you check "no" you will not be considered for Financial Aid).

There are financial questions for the PARENT and the 
STUDENT. Beware of putting parent information in both sections. ​​