​Public Relations Guidelines

There's Always Good News!
There are great stories happening throughout the District every day. From classroom activities to individual achievements, Jurupa Unified is always soaring to great heights because of the wonderful accomplishments of staff and students. We would like to share these great stories with the entire Jurupa Valley community every chance we get!

The Communications Office Can Help
Throughout the year, the Communications and Leadership Development Department can help you share your great stories with the local media. This department can help prepare stories for the local newspaper, invite the local media to an event, and will guide you through the process. 

The Communications and Leadership Development Department is located at the district office. They submit press releases and requests for print and media coverage. Within the District, the department publishes stories in The Horizon, on the District webpage, and social media pages. 

How Do I Invite the CPR Department to My School?
Please contact the department at (951) 416-1561. Typical stories covered by the department include special classroom projects and events; grants and awards; unique learning activities and career technical programs; and community partnerships. The Communications Department will make every effort to review and submit stories to the Press-Enterprise for consideration or publish in The Horizon. We cannot guarantee the story or photo will be published.

How Do I Invite the Media to My School?
If you have an event that you would like covered by the local media, please contact the Communications Department. Department staff will extend an invitation to the media. If you are a teacher or parent, make sure the site administrator knows about your request for coverage to help minimize any classroom or site disruption.

What Do I Do When the Media Contacts Me?
Oftentimes the media will contact the Communications and Leadership Development Department regarding a story they are working on. It is possible they might contact a site, district employee, or student directly. If this happens, please contact the Communications Department and your site administrator before consenting to the interview. Again, this will help minimize any classroom or building disruption.

Pictures Say 1,000 Words
When photos accompany a story it makes it more engaging and appealing to the reader. When submitting photos please keep in mind:

  • If you have a camera that stamps the date and time on a photo, please make sure you turn the stamp off, if possible, before taking a photo. This feature​ can be difficult to crop out of photos, and many media outlets will not publish photos with the time stamp on it.

  • Make sure your camera is set to take the best quality and largest photos possible. If the photo you send is small, the quality of the photo will diminish when the size is increased and may be omitted from the story.

  • Do not send copyrighted materials. We cannot publish items such as company logos or photos taken by other publications.

  • Make sure everyone in the photos you submit is identified. Please list the first and last names of everyone in the photo from left to right (and if necessary by row from bottom to top). Any photo without names will not be submitted.​

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