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The AP Capstone Program is an innovative program developed by the College Board to equip students with the research, collaboration and communication skills increasing valued by colleges and employers.

Developed at the request of the Collage Board Higher Education membership, AP Capstone is built around two new AP courses- AP Seminar and AP Research.   These two courses are interdisciplinary and complement the in-depth, discipline specific study provided through other AP classes.

Students can earn their AP Capstone Certificate by completing the AP Seminar and AP Research courses and passing the national projects/examinations for these courses.  Students can earn their AP Capstone Diploma by meeting the requirements for the AP Capstone Certificate and passing at least 4 additional AP exams while in high school.  Both of these distinctions help a student stand out in the college application process and in preparing themselves for success with college level studies.

This program is offered at Patriot High School and is starting in the Fall of 2018 with the AP Seminar course.

For more information, see or contact Kimberly Sanchez (PHS), AP Coordinator

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