A-G Course Lists    

Students planning to attend the University of California or the California State University system must complete the A-G course requirements and for competitive campuses and degree programs, students are encouraged to take more than the minimum 15 A-G courses.  Students must earn a grade of C or better in each A-G course (students can meet this requirement by repeating courses in which they earned a D or F).

​The A-G Requirements

    2 years of social studies

B      4-years of English

C      3-years of math, starting with Math 1

D      2-years of lab science

E       2-years of a language other than English (must be 2 years of the same language)

F       1-year of visual or performing arts

G     1-year of college-prep elective (an additional year of any of the above classes, specific college prep electives or a year of AVID 10, 11, or 12)

​A-G Course Lists

Each high school has its own A-G approved course list.  Check out the A-G courses for each high school at:


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