I'm first 

Are you the first in your family preparing to go to college? You're not alone! There's something special about being the first…especially being the first in your family to attend and graduate from college.


Learn From the Experiences of Other 1st Generation College Students

This award-winning organization provides an online community celebrating first-generation college students and supporting those who will be.  Use this site to learn about colleges that support 1st generation students, get advice from 1st generation students now in college and be inspired and encouraged by their stories.

Operated by the national non-profit What Kids Can Do, this website provides information to support college access and success for 1st generation or low-income students.  The site includes videos, planning checklists, links to online tools and information for parents.

Undocumented Students
Undocumented students have the opportunity to go to college, too. 

CA Dream Act
The CA Dream Act allows students who plan to enroll in eligible CA colleges, universities or career education programs to apply for state financial aid.  This program is unrelated to the federal DACA program.  The application deadline is March 2 of the senior year.  Visit www.csac.ca​.gov for more information.

AB 540
AB 540 says any student who has attended school for at least 3 years in California (elementary, middle school or high school) and graduates from a CA high school will be charged the resident rate of tuition at any UC, CSU or Community College campus.  For more information visit http://www.csac.ca.gov/pubs/forms/grnt_frm/2008_ab_540_affidavit.pdf 

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