​​​District Fiscal/Financial Reports​​ ​

Folder: Fiscal Year 2016-17
Folder: Fiscal Year 2017-18
Folder: Fiscal Year 2018-19
Folder: Fiscal Year 2019-20
Folder: Fiscal Year 2020-21
Folder: Bond Audit ReportsBond Audit Reports
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2018-19.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2018-19
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2017-18.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2017-18
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2016-17.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2016-17
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2015-16.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2015-16
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2014-15.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2014-15
Jurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2016.pdf
1/23/2020 1:34 PMJacqueline Benson
Jurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2017.pdf
1/23/2020 1:34 PMJacqueline Benson
Jurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2018.pdf
1/23/2020 1:34 PMJacqueline Benson
EPA Entitlement for 2019-20.pdf
EPA Entitlement for 2018-19.pdf
EPA Entitlement for 2017-18.pdf
EPA Entitlement for 2016-17.pdf
EPA Entitlement for 2015-16.pdf
2018-19 Annual and Five Year Report.pdf2018-19 Annual and Five Year Report
2017-18 Annual and Five Year Report.pdf2017-18 Annual and Five Year Report
2016-17 Annual and Five Year Report.PDF2016-17 Annual and Five Year Report
2015-16 Annual and Five Year Report.pdf2015-16 Annual and Five Year Report
2014-15 Annual and Five Year Report.PDF2014-15 Annual and Five Year Report
Jurupa USD_CFD03_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD04 Zone 1_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD04 Zone 2_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_Final.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD06 Zone 1_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD06 Zone 2_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD07_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD08_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD09_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD10_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD11 IA A_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD11 IA B_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD12_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD13_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD15_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD16_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD17_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf
Jurupa USD_CFD18_FY20202021_SpecialTaxReport_FN.pdf

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