A Message From Our Principal


I am so excited to welcome you to Rivercrest and to let you know that we support you on your journey toward success.  Rivercrest is a very different school from the traditional model and myself and the staff are here to guide you, support you and challenge you every step of the way.  Our main goal is to give you a plan that will help you toward realizing your future goals.  We live by the core values of Moving FORWARD ~ by using FORTITUDE, being ORGANIZED, showing and giving RESPECT, using WISDOM, working toward ACHIEVEMENT, demonstrating RESPONSIBILITY and having a DEDICATION to excellence in learning, we know that you will be equipped to graduate with the tools needed to succeed in the world.

We are a school that is "doing" learning in a different way.  Although we have online curriculum and from the outside we are an "online school", the real way that we are different is not the curriculum but the relationships we develop, the small class sizes and the ability to make a connection with students to make them feel comfortable and safe to learn.  Even though we are online, we still want to see and work with our students on a daily basis.  We value the time that we spend working with students and we know that they need support to tackle the course work that is thrown their way.  It is our job to work to help answer questions, outline expectations and become the human connection to learning that is so vital for success.  Even though students are working online with the material, it is the face to face meetings and the classroom work time that sets us apart and makes us truly different than other online models.

Rivercrest is a great place to work and learn.  We have a flexible learning environment, small student numbers and a desire to support and work with students.  All we ask is that when you attend our campus that you are willing to accept new things, work through challenges, ask for help when you are struggling and don't give up.  Learning is hard and we know that but we want to make sure that you know you have the support you need as you move toward your goals.

We welcome all students and parents to check out our campus and see if stepping outside of the traditional classroom is right for you.  You must be in control of your learning and we are here to help you take the reins and begin making FORWARD progress toward your goals.


Jenna Saugstad