Happiness Sprinkling Project

Jurupa Valley is about to get Sprinkled with Happiness!

Happiness Sprinkling Project is coming to Jurupa Valley

(photo available upon request)

Jurupa Valley, California– On October 13, 2016 from 7:30am-8:30am, at the corner of Mission Blvd. and Valley Way in Jurupa Valley, a group of smiling people wearing bright yellow shirts will be Sprinkling Happiness.

Created by Laura Lavigne, founder of the Anacortes Center for Happiness, The Happiness Sprinkling Project is "crazy simple and crazy powerful."

A group of people get together, wearing bright yellow shirts. They gather at a busy spot in the town where they live. They hold up signs. Happiness signs. Signs that say things like, It's Going to be All Right and Breathe and You Are Loved. They do this for an hour and as they do, magic happens. People being 'sprinkled' on their way home from work are surprised, puzzled – and moved. They smile, they wave, they honk. Many join in and start Sprinkling themselves. The messages are surprising because "they ask nothing of the viewer" but instead send an expected burst of light, helping people tap into their own hope, strength and joy.

The Sprinklings started last May have been spreading like well... happiness and have been received with a mix of surprise, delight and occasionally tears of emotion.

In the past few months, Happiness Ambassadors have popped up in Washington DC, in Chicago, California, Oregon, Seattle and are now moving into Canada. Together they are gradually building a "Happiness Sprinkling Tribe" whose vision is to expand into inner cities and eventually all over the world.

Anyone is invited join in and participate in this powerful and FUN event!

This Jurupa Valley Happiness Sprinkling Ambassadors are Jessica Wheeler and Karen Lancaster. They can be reached at 951-360-2802.


ABOUT: The Anacortes Center for Happiness is both a movement and a place. One of Washington's first social purpose corporations, the Center's mission is to "provide joy, growth, connection and kindness." For more information, email info@anacortescenterforhappiness.org or call 360-464-2229.