RHS tennis thrives

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Talent attracts talent.   That maxim describes the trajectory of the Rubidoux High School tennis program.

In 2011, the boys' team went 0-18, said RHS tennis coach Paul Janeway.  This year, the 12-man squad rode a 17-3 record – 12-0 in league play – into the playoffs.  It was the squad's third consecutive playoff run, and second straight year of undefeated play in the division.  The girls' squad made the playoffs this season, too.

The transition started three seasons ago, Janeway said, as strong players trickled in.  The resulting success led other athletes to join a team on the rise.  In the past two years, RHS tennis has seen an influx of star power.

"We have some very, very dedicated tennis players on this team," Mr. Janeway said.  "This is what they do all year.  This is what they live for."

The students are athletically gifted and skilled at the game, said Mr. Janeway.  Coaching helps with fundamentals and emotional steadiness.   "You're going to have good days and bad days on the court," he said.  "It takes a certain discipline because you can't get too high or too low" during the course of competition.

​That discipline has taken firm root.  RHS rides a 25-match in-league winning streak into next season – with the talent to continue attracting talent.


2016 Player Highlights:

  • Luis Meza 2016 Singles MVL Champion (47-4 year record) Singles MVP

  • Bryan Castillo & Anthony Chan 2016 Doubles MVL Champions (29-9 Year Record) Doubles 1st Team

  • Joshuah Munguia & Richard Garcia 2016 Doubles MVL Runners Up (43-11 year Record) Doubles MVP

  • Bryan Cepeda 2016 Singles MVL Alternate (38-6 year record) 1st Team Singles

  • ​Erik Lopez 1st Team Singles
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