Jurupa USD Response to Rumors of "Day Without Immigrants" Protest

Rumors have circulated that protesters are encouraging immigrant families to stay at home and to keep their children home on Thursday, February 16, 2017, out of protest against the current political events pertaining to federal immigration policies. 

While the district is sensitive to the views of all members of the community, we strongly uphold our belief that the best place for students to be is in school.

In accordance with Education Code Section 48260 (a), any pupil subject to compulsory full-time education who is absent from school without valid excuse will be considered truant and may be reported as a truant to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent of the district.


We appreciate your support while we strive to fulfill our mission to educate the students of Jurupa to the highest levels of academic achievement, and look forward to seeing all Jurupa students at school, as usual.