​​​Parent & Early Child Development Cen​ter

The Parent and Early Child Development Center provides a centralized location for 0-4 programs offered by JUSD. This center emphasizes on providing services and resources that support early childhood learning and school readiness​.

​​For more information, contact:

Jennifer Briseño, MSW, Family Partner

Ofir Adams- Outreach Worker ​



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FIRST Steps​
An in-home visitation project that focuses on parents with newborn children. Families receive up to 7 visits in the home that will align with developmental milestones for children under a year old. 

ABC Music & Me​
A research-based language and early literacy program built around literacy music for parents and their children. This class helps children ages 0-4 develop pre-literacy and language skills through music and story time. 

Dinosaur School
This Pro-Social Group promotes children's social and emotional skills, academic readiness, and to reduce behavior problems. This workshop will help children ages 3-5 understand and follow rules and directions of home and school; learn how to problem-solve with friends; play well with others; understand feelings of friends and themselves; and help them pay attention and complete schoolwork. 

Parent Child Home Program
An in-home program that focuses on school readiness for children ages 16 months to 2 years old. Home-visitors work one-on-one with families providing visits twice a week during the school year. The program will help to build positive parent-child verbal and non-verbal interactions, promote positive parenting skills, enhance a child's development, develop pre-literacy skills, create language -rich home environments, and teach parents to engage and encourage their child's learning.  

                                                                                      Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors
The Abriendo Puertas program specifically promote parents’ leadership and advocacy as well as parenting practices that foster children’s early learning and development in a culturally-relevant manner. The program has set ambitious outcome goals that include teaching parents how to foster children’s learning, to how to respond to children’s emotional expressions, to how to keep children physically healthy, and how to advocate for children’s well-being. The Abriendo Puertas curriculum covers these topics over ten sessions.

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