Parent Engagement

Protecting Our Youth

Through the year various presentations are provided to educate families on current issues that help to parent teens. Some topics included: Conflict Resolution, Self-Injury, Child Abuse, and Gang Awareness.


Family Literacy

This program is a 10-week literacy program. The goal is to establish and support a family reading routine. Each program is designed to be an educational process that encourages critical reflection and dialogue by means of literacy as well as to strengthen parent-child interactions. Parents are introduced to a new bilingual book each week which they take home to read with their children. Parents also create a family album throughout the  duration of the program.

Two Locations:



Triple P 

Triple P is an evidence passed parent program which is offered to parents of children 2-12 years of age. Triple P gives parents simple and practical strate gies to help them manage their children's behavior, prevent problems from developing and build healthy relationships.


Triple P Teen

Triple P Teen is a positive parenting program available to families with children ages 12-16 years of age. Triple P teen focuses on developing positive attitudes, skills and behaviors. This program helps families to problem solve and foster relationships that will encourage teens to realize their full potential. 


Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families is designed to help children succeed in school and life by strengthening the connections bewteen families and school. The program consist of 14 meetings which includes family dinner, kids time, parent time and child time. 


Abriendo Puertas

The Abriend Puertas program specifically promotes parents' leadership and advocacy as well as parenting practices that foster children's early learning and development in a culturally relevant manner. The program has set ambitious outcome goals that include teaching parents how to foster children's learning, how to respond to children's emotional expressions, how to keep children physically healthy, and how to advocate for children's well-being. 

Jurupa Technology Education for Parents- jTEP

The jTEP courses are designed to assist adults with various levels of computer skills. Participants will learn the basics as well as more advanced technical applications within the 3 available courses. Courses include: Basic, Intermediate, and Google Docs. The trainings are insturcted by parent leaders (PALs).     

 PALS– Parents as Leaders

Parents as Leaders was developed to help train parents who attended the PELI training on topics such as fiscal management, fundraising, developing relationships with school committees, social media, advertising and parent recruitment. We continue to operate PELI under our newly formatted PALs  design. We are currently working with over a dozen parent volunteers facilitating programs across our district.

Follow the Leader

Parents learn about obesity, earting right, food labels, breakfast basics & afternoon snacks, family meals, exercise & safety, dietary needs, cooking with your child and healthy body image. Parents receive free gifts and resources during the eight week course.


ATP– Action Team for Partnership

The ATP is a collaboration of parents working diligently in coordinating the action plan set at the PELI meeting for their school site. Parents meet once a month with the Department of Parent Involvement and continue receiving support for their ATP and developing new ATPs.



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